[ 1 ]
chacharera: charlatana. chacotear: divertirse con burlas y risas. chirrichote: necio, tonto. chirlo: corte, herida.
[ 2 ]
Little by little Paquito is packing some wine glasses in a few boxes.
[ 3 ]
A pipe hit a pipe and another pipe stopped it. There are pipes that have pipes but this pipe had no pipe.
[ 4 ]
If the servant that serves you, doesn't serve as a servant, of what use is the service of a servant that doesn't serve.
[ 5 ]
[ 6 ]
Pablito stepped on the floor, while stepping on the floor Pablito stepped on pieces of the floor, he stepped on.
[ 8 ]
You dont swim at all? No, I didn't bring a (swim) suit.
[ 10 ]
Brother of the brown gown, don't buy anymore brown gown, because who buy many brown gowns, pays for many brown gowns. I who bought many brown gowns, paid for many brwon gowns.
[ 11 ]
From the hair to the elbow and from the elbow to the hair, from the elbow to the hair and from the hair to the elbow.
[ 12 ]
Ñoño Yáñez eats yams in the morning with the boy.
[ 13 ]
From Guadalajara I come, bringing arrows, selling arrows, for half the price I give away each arrow. What expensive arrows I bring from Guadalajara.
[ 15 ]
Nonsensical sentence. Parangaricutirimicuaro is a village in Michoacan, Mexico.
[ 19 ]
The wine came, but the wine didn't come (as) wine. The wine came (as) vinegar.
[ 20 ]
From generation to generation the generations degenerate with more degeneracy.
[ 21 ]
Under the bridge of Guadalajara there was a rabbit under the water.
[ 23 ]
Don't look at me, for if they see that we are looking at each other, and they will see in your eyes that we love each other. Let's not look at each other, so that when they don't look at us we will look at each other.
[ 24 ]
María Chuchena was thatching her roof, and a thatcher asks: What ar you thatching María Chuchena, are you thatching your cottage or somebody elses? I'm not thatching my cottage nor somebody elses, I'm thatching the roof of María Chuchena.
[ 25 ]
about eating peanuts
[ 26 ]
about eating a chilean fruit from Quillota (a place)
[ 27 ]
Juan is binding reeds by the ditch.
[ 30 ]
The abbot gave rice to the fox.
[ 31 ]
[ 35 ]
A caterpillar that climbs has three baby caterpillars. When the caterpillar climbs the baby caterpillars climb.
[ 36 ]
Otorhinolaryngologist work in otorhinolaryngology.
[ 37 ]
The tomato farmer Matute killed the smuggler Mot becaus Mota the smuggler took a tomato from the tomato field. Because of one tomate, the tomato farmer Matute killed the smuggler Mota.
[ 38 ]
Nonsense sentence
[ 39 ]
[ 40 ]
Under the bridge of Guadalajara there are four people from Gaudalajara who are "guadalajazing" under the water.
[ 41 ]
Galo arrive at the lake and join later Lugo the ignorant tattler, who arrived at the lake from very far.
[ 42 ]
Three chickens round feathered. Three feathered chickens round.
[ 43 ]
A donkey ate some grass and the dog stole it, the donkey got angry and the dog fell into the mud.
[ 44 ]
Popular nonsense sentences about cats and kittens
[ 45 ]
How do you eat in Como (lake in northern Italy)?, What? How I eat in Como? I eat in Como as I eat in Como, I eat in Como as you eat in Como.
[ 47 ]
A fat fluffy girlfriend
[ 48 ]
Crayfish (shrimp), caramel
[ 49 ]
If the snail had a face as it has a spiral, (it) would be a face, would be a cabbage, would be a snail with a face.
[ 50 ]
What a colossal cauliflower that crazy man put in that place. What a colossal cauliflower that crazy man put in that place.
[ 51 ]
My mother spoils me, and I spoil my mother.
[ 52 ]
Parra had a dog, Guerra had a grapevine. Parra's dog climbed on Guerra's grapevine. Guerra hit Parra's dog with a club. And Parra said to Guerra: "Why has Guerra hit Parra's dog with a club?" And Guerra answered: "If Parra's dog wouldn't have climbed on the grapevine of Guerra, Guerra wouldn't have hit Parra's dog with a club."
[ 53 ]
Rosa Rizo prays in Russian, in Russian prays Rosa Rizo
[ 54 ]
In Pinto, Juan Pont the fifth, outstanding for his painting, and is painting the point of Punto in Pinto from end to end at the bridge.
[ 55 ]
Three sad tigers were swallowing wheat on a wheat field.
[ 56 ]
The dog of Rosa and Roque doesn't have a tail, because Ramon Ramirez has cut it off.
[ 57 ]
The potatoes that Paca and Pola are pealing, Pepe is putting, little by little, in piles.
[ 58 ]
The sequence of success follows in sequence with the passing of time.
[ 59 ]
As the old saying says, and that saying I have said, that saying that saying that they have said, said it be: That first prepare the paprika to pepper my first food, and when it is peppered, I will prepare myself to begin to greedily swallow the first peppered food.
[ 60 ]
How much wood would a rodent gnaw, if rodents would gnaw wood?
[ 61 ]
avecindar = to register a person as a resident, avecindarse = to become a resident (inhabitant), desavecindarse = to abandon the resident status.
[ 62 ]
James lowers the cage.
[ 63 ]
If I eat as I eat, and you eat as you eat. How do you eat as I eat? When I eat as I eat.
[ 64 ]
Pepe Pecas is chopping potatoes with a pick. With a pick, Pepe Pecas is chopping potatoes.
[ 65 ]
[ 66 ]
[ 67 ]
Chatting placidly on the silvered plane of the beach one heard the mourning mourner mourning. He who listens to the mourning mourner mourning will be one greatly mourned. (plañiadero = professional mourner)
[ 68 ]
My horse steps on hay, hay is stepped on by my horse.
[ 69 ]
This fool never should drink wine, a short and dumb life he will live if he drinks.
[ 70 ]
Name used in the book Tikki Tikki Tembo by Arlene Mosel, claimed to be a Chinese name "Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo" meaning "the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world".
[ 71 ]
A cloak climbs-climbs four layers of rags. When the cloak climbs-climbs, four layers of rags climb-climb.
[ 72 ]
The yellowish seafood is very delicious!
[ 73 ]
Pedro Perez barber prefers Piramid combs because Piramid combs comb perfectly. You should prefer (ask for) Piramid!
[ 74 ]
Paco Pino Ponte Pascual Perez paints precious paintings for wealthy people. For the poor he paints little because they pay low prices.
[ 75 ]
Pepe put a peso on the bottom of the well. On the bottom of the well Pepe put a peso.
[ 76 ]
Sodic phenyldimethylphyrazolonmetyilaminomethansulphonate
[ 77 ]
Polish it for me!
[ 78 ]
George the locksmith sells locks in the locksmith.
[ 79 ]
I have a curly-necked female pig with it's curly-necked piglets. So, if she's a curly-necked female pig, so, if they're curly-necked piglets, children of the curly-necked female pig.
[ 80 ]
If you are you and I am I, which one of us is the stupidist of us?
[ 81 ]
Because I can you can, because you can I can. But, if you can't neither can I.
[ 82 ]
I bought few glasses (of beer or wine), few glasses I bought, as I only bought a few glasses I only payed for a few.
[ 83 ]
Love is a crazy thing that only a priest can cure, but the priest who cures it comits a great error.
[ 84 ]
Today already is yesterday, and yesterday is today, the day has already arrived and today is today.
[ 86 ]
If your taste would taste what my taste tastes, my taste will taste what your taste is tasting. But since your taste isn't tsting what my taste is tasting, my taste will neither taste the taste your taste is tasting.
[ 87 ]
Pabla hit Pablo with a stick and Pablo hit Pabla with a board.
[ 88 ]
This tankard has smelled out.
[ 90 ]
The king of Constantinople wants to be un-constantinopolized. Whoever unconstantinopolizes him, a good un-constantinopolizer will be.
[ 91 ]
The Queen's cushions. The Sultan's boxes. What cushions! What boxes! In what box do they go?
[ 92 ]
How do I eat? I eat like I eat!
[ 93 ]
How do you want me to like you if the one I want to like me doesn't like me as I want him to like me. French: Comment veux-tu que je t'aime si celui que je veux qui m'aime ne m'aime pas comme je voudrais qu'il m'aime.
[ 94 ]
"R" with an "R", cigar. "R" with an "R", barrel. Rapid run the cars (of the train) loaded with the railroad's sugar.
[ 95 ]
"this is the key to the house" the house is in the plaza in the house there's a room in the room there's a floor on the floor is a table on the table there's a cage inside the cage there's a bird that sings and says: from bird in cage to, cage to table, table to floor, floor to room room to house, house to plaza "this is the key to the house".
[ 96 ]
A handkerchief with four corners of pure pita (agave thread), of pita pure, of pure pita, of pita pure, a handkerchief with four corners.
[ 97 ]
How do you want me to like you if the one I want to like me does not like me the way I want him to like me.
[ 98 ]
When you tell stories you never count how many stories you tell, because when you tell stories you never count how many stories you tell.
[ 99 ]
After three drinks and another three, and another three after the three drinks, drink and drink (cause) devastation ...
[ 100 ]
They told me that you have said a saying, that they said I said. Who said that has lied, and if I would have said that saying that they said that I said, said and re-said is remains, and it would be well said that saying that they said I said.
[ 101 ]
school kid nonsense
[ 102 ]
Who wastes few potatoes pays few potatoes.
[ 103 ]
After your three sad tigers how sad are you Trinidad.
[ 104 ]
Down a ladder went a bifigafa with seven little bifigafos. A little bifigafo fell down. Because she went to get the little bifigafo, the bifigafa fell down.
[ 105 ]
When you tell stories count how many
[ 106 ]
I enter a train with wheat with you, a train with wheat I enter with you.
[ 107 ]
Take the sack of salt out into the sun so that it can dry.
[ 108 ]
- Friend, buy me coconut.
- Friend, I don't buy coconut, because I don't eat much coconut therefor I don't buy much coconut.
[ 109 ]
R with R cigar, R with R barrel, swift roll the wagons carrying sugar to the train.
[ 112 ]
Paco Peco, (a) rich kid, Insulted his uncle Fred like a madman, And (Fred) said, "Little by little, Paco Peco, it hurts me less!"
[ 114 ]
The sly frog eats no sweet potato.
[ 115 ]
He mends the barrel.
[ 116 ]
The archbishop of Constantinople wants to be un-archbishop-constantinopolized. Whoever un-archbishop-constantinopolizes him, a good un-archbishop-constantinopolizer will be.
[ 117 ]
Pepe Pecas is hacking potatatoes with a pick. ...
[ 118 ]
Pablito nailed a nail in the bald patch of a small bald man, ...
[ 119 ]
Pedro Pablo Pérez Pereira, poor portuguese painter paints pictures for little money to survive in Paris.
[ 120 ]
My mother spoils me.
[ 122 ]
Because I eat little coconut, I buy little coconut.
[ 123 ]
Parra had a dog and Guerra had a grapevine. The dog of Parra broke the grapevine of Guerra. Then Guerra took a club and killed the dog of Parra.
[ 124 ]
From three sad pots of wheat, three sad tigers ate wheat. Three sad tigers ate wheat, from three sad pots of wheat.
[ 125 ]
Pancha irons with four irons. With how many irons does Pancha iron?
[ 127 ]
The floor is chequered. Who will unchequere it? The unchequerer who could unchequere it would be a good unchequerer.
[ 128 ]
The sky is overcast. Who will uncloak it? The encloaker who encloaked it will be a good uncloaker.
[ 130 ]
The dog of San Roque does not have a tail because Ramon Ramirez stole it.
[ 131 ]
My mother spoils me a lot.
[ 132 ]
The chicken ash-lover is in the ashtray. Let her get full of ashes, she will un-ash herself.
[ 133 ]
Friend buy me a coconut. Friend, I don't buy coconut, since the one who eats little coconut buys little coconut. Because I eat little coccnut I buy little coconut.
[ 134 ]
María Chucena was thatching her cottage when a woodcutter who was passing by said: María Chucena, are you thatching your cottage or somebody elses? I'm not thatching my cottage nor somebody elses, I'm thatching the cottage of María Chucena.
[ 135 ]
The Basque bishop of Vizcaya is looking for the Basque bishop of Guipuzcoa.
[ 136 ]
A dog breaks the tree's branch.
[ 137 ]
Francisco, a cross-eyed very brusque Basque, was searching for the forest. And an ill-mannered (person) who saw him, asked: Are you searching for the forest, cross-eyed Basque?
[ 138 ]
Three sad tigers swallowed wheat in a wheat field from three sad bowls. In three sad bowls, three sad tigers swallowed wheat.
[ 139 ]
They have said that I have said a saying, such a saying I have not said. Because, if I would have said the saying well said that saying would have been, for having been said by me.
[ 140 ]
Parsley I ate, parsley I dined. When will I un-parsley myself?
[ 141 ]
Children's rhyme with some nonsense adjectives about a hen and her little chicks.
[ 142 ]
Children's rhyme with some nonsense adjectives about a goat and her little goats.
[ 143 ]
The sky is "bricked up". Who will "un-brick" it? The "un-bricker" that will "un-brick" it a good "un-bricker" will be.
[ 144 ]
That saying, that they said that you said that I said, that saying I didn't say, because if I would have said it would have been well said for having been said by me.
[ 145 ]
In the reeds of Junqueria, Julian was collecting reeds. Juan joined him to collect them and together they collected reeds.
[ 146 ]
Cabral nailed a nail. What nail did Cabral nail?