My friends

                My friends from Sutton middle school
                                Jacqueline , deniss         
                 My friends from seqouyah middle school

                 Cati                                   Vania
                Ana                                    Berenice
                 Maria                                 Cyntia             
            Nayeli y hermanos                   Angeles ,Nayeli
               Mabilyn                               Jesenia
               Meredith                            Maria , Cati ,       
                   My friends from sutton middle school .                                                           My  best friend was nancy she is from Mexico she is nice .She always tell me the
things the she do like mischiefs the she do.She have 14 years old . Jacqueline is shy ,intelligent ,she knows quite english, she have 15 years old .Jacqueline is from mexico .
Marilyn  is my friend she cool , funny ,happy , curious ,misterious and a nice persond.
Veronica is cool  she say the she want to have waist of thalia .She realy funny she
like to dance and she knows English . She have 14  years old . Fabiola is nice
she is from Mexico .She is cool and very shy .