about me
    I'm  from lima ,Peru  I came to the united state when I was 10 years old.
 When I came, I went to  garden hills. I was in 5th  grade.My teacher's were  nice person. The school start at 8:00 , finish at 2:30. .I like lunch but, they are laud. The school is big and pretty . Now I'm on 6th  grade , my team is start team. The name of the school is Sutton. Sutton is more cool then garden hills . I like the library because it have a lot of computers . Sometimes they have good food like pizza. Sometimes we have silence lunch when we are not good kids. My friends are not really my friends for me, because they are different from me , because they  show off and I'm not like that . The class the I like in 6th grade is science Ms. beach is a great teacher, she's nice with me, that's why she was my favorite teacher . IM in 7th grade and is cool . The name of my team is swat . Mr. pierce's is a cool teacher he always help me, when I need it . Miss William's is my math teacher , she is a nice person and she is funny . I'm good on my grade , I don't have a  f  on my grade. I move in to a house and I'm going to Sequoyah Middle School . I'm on eighth grade and is cool, my teachers are  good person's . my friends are cool and I have  friend from many countries. I have a friend from my country but she is weird.   
I like math is easy for me .